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5 Commonly Used Trailer Types and Their Uses

Have you ever noticed no matter wherever you go, either on a fun-filled road trip,  the massive store or at a gas station, you are going to see different Trailer types around you? They are everywhere for a good reason.

Trailers, next to the truckers carrying them, are the pinnacles of all logistics. They, not only, get us what we need on a daily basis, but there are also many trailer types. Trucks generally require built-in trailers to carry heavy loads. Plus, these vehicles are often seen attached to trucks while driving on highways. 

Different trailers are available in the market, each with another purpose and load capacity. Whether you’re helping your friend shift or simply hauling materials for a startup business, it’s crucial to acknowledge that you have got the suitable tool to get the job done.

But, many people need to be aware of the right machinery to assist them. Also, with so many trailers out there, it can be a daunting task to determine what each is utilized for & what can be an ideal fit for your freight.

In this guide, we’ll dive into some of the most common trailer types and their top-notch uses. In doing so, we’ll  help you understand which one perfectly goes with your needs in America’s landscape. 

Let’s get started.

Different Trailer Types and Their Major Uses


Hot Shot Trailers

Hot shot trailers have become really famous among potential carriers over the globe. These can be generally pulled with specific pickup trucks from classes 3-6. Carriers using these types of trailers don’t need to have a conventional semi-tractor as you can pull them using a specialized heavy pickup truck.

Eventually, it removes so many barriers in the trucking industry. In terms of size, they typically contain a length of 30-40 feet. Furthermore, they are far easier to use and offer great cost-efficiency. All this makes them an ideal alternative for companies that have to haul freight that can possibly result in LTL capacities on bigger trailers.

Extendable Flatbed Trailers

These kinds of trailers are open trailers with no roof or wall. They basically permit the shipment of bigger loads that are so heavy to be shipped through other regular flatbed machines. They can be easily extended just like flatbed ones. And the only major difference is that they do not come in any fixed lengths. Yes, that’s right! 

You can extend a 43 feet long flatbed up to almost 80 feet long without any inconvenience. These are mostly used for industrial & heavy transport, lifting equipment, construction, agriculture, as well as wood & forestry. During its extension, the pin joining its two portions is released. The truck brakes are also applied, enabling it to be extended.

Refrigerated Trailers

Sometimes, truck drivers need to carry stuff in chilly temperatures: like ice creams, medications, and frozen foods. Because warm temperatures aren’t suitable for such items. This is where refrigerator trailers come in! They are like enclosed or dry vans trailers in appearance. But with a cooling and insulation system inside in order to maintain the temperature.

These have a limit of weight similar to dry van trailers. However, their height and weight are also different. Moreover, the important components of this kind of trailer are an evaporator, condenser, and compressor. Their maximum permissible height and width are 8 feet and 8.2 feet, respectively.

Double Drop Trailers

Also referred to as low bed, float, or lowboy trailers, these are far closer to the ground than other types. They can conveniently carry tall machinery pieces on the go. With a weight limit of 40,000-80,000 pounds, double-drop trailers are highly capable of holding heavy hauls.

In addition, the maximum freight height that these can carry is 11 feet before being considered extra-dimensional. And, yes, this incredible height is what makes them a great solution for any company that needs to haul large pieces of equipment.

Their examples include farm machinery and large industrial equipment.

Enclosed Trailers

An enclosed trailer has a quality container to enclose the loads. It can be used for transportation of everything ranging from band equipment to heavy tools. Mostly, they are very affordable and provide additional security to the stuff being transported.

The best thing about these trailers is that you can increase the usable space efficiently by making storage cabinets and shelves within the container. This is what makes your investment in enclosed trailers worth it!

Bottom Line

According to CNET, Truckers, all things considered, travel 450 billion miles every year to pull freight for customers. Conveying 11 billion tons of merchandise, electronics, supplies, and produce. This implies that truckers are the most regularly utilized method for moving cargo in this day and age.

Choosing between different trailer types can be highly challenging if you are unaware of the right option. Before spending your valuable money on any trailer, make sure that you read the whole guide attentively.

When making this decision, it’s always best to keep capacity, budget, and length of haul in mind.

Happy Hauling!

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