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Safety In Your Hands


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Holidays Safety Tips

6 Roadside Driving Tips for Safety During Holidays

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Are you planning to hit the road during the official icy-white holiday season? Do you know the roadside driving tips for safety?

Before dashing through the snow and roasting chestnuts over a fire, review some safety tips. Roadside driving tips that can protect you or a loved one from harm’s way.

The Christmas season brings fun-filled greetings, heartwarming family gatherings, and gleeful festive celebrations to New Year’s. However, the only way to enjoy this month is to be cautious of the weather hazards.

According to market research, holidays between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve, are the nation’s busiest and most dreadful driving time. Undoubtedly, driving in extreme weather conditions is very challenging for drivers. (Due to poor visibility, heavy traffic, and bad road conditions.)

So without further ado, here are the six roadside driving tips and tricks to prepare and protect you and your family from winter driving dangers.

  • Car Snow Chains: Best for Thick-Snowy Road

Details: When you are driving on slick roads or mountains covered with layers of snow, your vehicle’s tire needs to be versed with snow chains. These chains have specific lengths designed so they can fit safely over the rubbers and the wheels of the speed machine. Sometimes, the snow chains are called the ‘tire cables .’It can provide good handling in deep snow and the unpredictability of extreme winter driving conditions.

Note: They offer excellent traction on deep or packed snow, as well as on ice.

  • Brakes and Accelerate: Press It lightly on the skid Road

Be gentle and light with your brakes and accelerators in terrible snow-white weather. It would help if you feathered the controls. At any point, suddenly, you need to slow down the speed of your car on the slippery road and avoid pressing the pedals forcefully. It will be helpful for not locking your tires and spinning out of your control.

Also, if your vehicle is embedded with an anti-locking system (ABS), you should lean on and hold the brake down as far as possible in any emergency.

Note: The ABS keeps the wheels from locking, empowering you to steer around any obstacles.

  • Avoid Over Speeding: More time, Less Stress.

According to international reports, 20% to 30% of incidents have been observed due to over-speeding. Stay alert while driving and slow down on wet, snow-clad, or black-ice paths, even if sanded or salted. The posted speed sign is the maximum speed under ideal conditions. A slower pace will give you more time to react to hazards.

Note: Also, avoid using cruise control in snow, ice, or rain, as it could cause you to lose control of your vehicle.

  • Drink and Drive: Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow

It seems flattering when you tanked, enjoying your favorite playlist, and boom! You have lost vision. Drinking and driving is never a smart idea. Even a minute amount of alcohol can impact your body and create double vision, putting you at risk behind the wheel. Ultimately, you will stand alone with the smashed-up car and a big insurance claim.

Note: You could incur hefty fines and fees along with civil penalties

  • A Pre-Trip Inspection: Proceed with caution

Proficient drivers must inspect their vehicles before planning any amazing long trip. It is highly recommended to do a visual, hands-on inspection and keep an eye on all the essential items. These items include: snow tires, wiper blades, fluid and lights, Ice scraper or knocker, and car phone charger and spare change for emergency phone calls.

Note: Remember to check your vehicle’s battery and make sure that it is fully charged and in good condition.

  • Check Your Windshield Wipers: Clear your road vision now.

This maintenance tip is one of the most important when it comes to your safety. There’s nothing worse than dealing with an icy day when visibility is already poor. Using windshield wiper fluid that doesn’t perform well in low temperatures. Cherry on top, ensure that your windshield wipers are in good working condition.

Note: fill windshield wiper fluid that is meant to be used in colder temperatures with de-icing capabilities.


Bottom Line:

This holiday season is in full swing, and you need to enjoy every bit of it by staying safe and sound. It is highly suggested to avoid choosing long routes during winter nights and spend more of your precious time at home.

However, if you do, ensure the car is checked, your bags are packed, and the open road is waiting – road trip excitement is underway! But don’t be too in a hurry and remember that getting there safely is more important than getting there quickly.

Drive with reason this holiday season!