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Safety In Your Hands


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Safety In Your Hands


Copyright © 2023 Roadr. All Rights Reserved.

Roadside Assistance Safety Tips


Have you ever imagined driving down the road with surreal sceneries having a steaming hot cup of coffee in winter, and suddenly your car dies? Immediately, you start looking for roadside tips to get you out of this situation.

A list of questions will shake your mind. Questions such as What do you do when your car breaks down, and there isn’t a soul in sight to help you? What if you are traveling with your children?

No doubt your stress level will shoot through the ceiling when this happens.

In this article, we highlight 8 roadside tips that will help you get out of this horrendous situation. 

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  • Remove your vehicle from the road: Stay Calm and Collected

When you are stranded on the road, the last thing you want to avoid is making it worse. Therefore, keeping your car in the same position on the road is a no-no.

Moving your car from the main road to the curb will help prevent any life-threatening accidents and alert motorists.

Standing on the side of the road with a crocked car is entirely safe. Steer your vehicle from the travel lanes to save your life.

However, if you are unable to pull this off, contact emergency services with your seatbelt on.

  • Switch On your Hazard lights: Keep Safety In Mind

Reflective triangles and flares of your car are great roadside tips to keep in mind for safety. Because they will give people on the highway who are passing by a red-warning sign.

Moreover, if your car breaks down at any time on the road, keep your calm. As a sign of you being in trouble, switch on your hazard lights and stay inside the car with the doors locked.

After a while, the highway patrol will show up and assist professionally. They will turn on their blue and red lights to warn other drivers of a potential hazard. (These lights make people slow down instantly.) They should also get in the left lane or as far away from the scene as possible.

This can help save you from disastrous situations as many people drive by looking at the GPS and/or texting.

  • Raise the hood of your car: Alert The Passing Cars

Let people by your side know you are dealing with a challenging scenario on the road by raising your car hood, so other drivers know you are broken down. (This is another helpful roadside tip and it will perhaps signal someone who’s inclined to help to stop for you. )

Stay in your vehicle and if someone comes up to you, roll down your window a bit to talk to them. Don’t forget to keep your doors locked!

However, police will always stop for you, and protect you from being robbed or any other danger.

If it is summer, there is good weather and daylight. You can walk for help if a town or city is close. Walk on the opposite side of the road to face oncoming traffic. (Also, you could leave a note on the dash for the Police, so they know where you have gone. They are all great roadside tips.)

  • Stay safe: Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow

Whenever you have claimed help from emergency responders in your area, eliminate different things from your trunk and put them inside your car.

Do remember to always ask for help from people around you and someone will surely help. Also, do appreciate their efforts after you are out of harm’s way.

Be mentally prepared. Not panicking and patience is key.

We know It seems dreadful to be outside of your house at night—especially when you are badly stuck and helpless. Everything from wild creatures to criminal elements could sneak.

Remember that you are in survival mode while you are waiting. Your waiting hours depend entirely on the emergency responders and your car’s situation. (It can take a few hours to the entire day.)

  • Never Exit from the Drivers Side: Slow down; Your loved Ones Are Waiting

This is the most important part of the read. It is highly recommended to avoid getting out of your vehicle from the traffic passing side, no matter how far you are from the moving card on the roadside. (This is an extremely important roadside tip.)

If you have passengers next to you, request them to exit the car and let you go instantly.

Look for the nearest traffic police you can reach and, if possible, ask them to block the road for you.

The stress of standing helpless on the road controls your thoughts. As a result, you end up aggravating the situation.

  • Find a Tow Truck: They Get You Moving: They Get You Moving Safely

Another prime thing you must do when you are lodged on the roadside is to move your vehicle.

This implies that you may need a tow truck or semi-truck towing service that can safely take your car to a reputable mechanic without further delay.

Additionally, it will save you gas if you know how much is left in your car.

After, when your roadside assistance arrives, they will tow your vehicle. Which will keep you from wasting money and putting yourself and others in a danger. (Especially, in bad weather or unpleasant conditions.)

  • Try to Call 911: Immediate Help

If you are seeking immediate help, call 911 instantly, as it is the fastest responder in emergency roadside situations for now. (About to change soon though, as Roadr matures and expands nationwide.)

They can get you out of the troublesome position in no time. Because they have an extensive range of car towing companies working for them, day and night, especially during emergency calls.

  • Get your Car Towed with AAA: The Most Reliable

AAA is a well-known term when you talk about car assistance on the roadside. They have all the measures to tow your car at the moment.

They comprise a lot of roadside assistance programs that can benefit you if you are stranded on the road. But hold on! AAA is not the only trustworthy solution to get your car wheels spinning again. Roadr is a fast-growing roadside assistance company with the best service, user experience, and fastest response time.

Wrapping up:

In the end, let’s take car maintenance seriously to enjoy every second of your ride this year. Because that will always be the best roadside tip: prevention rather than the cure.

However, car issues are unavoidable and they are bound to happen. When they do, you can always rely on roadside assistance companies: AAA, Roadr, Allstate, and others. These service providers offer the following services: towing, jump start, fuel delivery, lockout services with proper guidance, and more.

It is essential to be prepared for the unexpected, just in case.

From our roadside tips and tricks mentioned above, you will most likely avoid driver-induced hazards on the road next time. Keep your car wheels spinning!

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