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Hybrid Vehicles Technology

Hybrid Cars: What Are They And How They Work

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It’s been over 20 years since the Toyota Prius & Honda Insight introduced advanced hybrid cars to Canada. These machines were years ahead of their time while the rage of electric cars waned and waxed in the intervening 2 decades. Hybrids have never been in high demand like they are today.

This latest technology saves a massive amount of fuel. This because the electric motor drives the car at considerably low speeds, where it is most efficient. Once you run into the highway speeds, its gasoline engine takes over. Hybrid cars and trucks use an electric motor to power the car when the gasoline engine isn’t necessary.

Moreover, the car captures specific heat generated by the brakes & utilizes it to recharge the battery while braking. This system assures that the car runs smoothly. Hybrid cars have become famous as they use less petrol compared to standard cars—making them highly cheaper to run. Read on to learn more!


What are Hybrid Cars?

The term “hybrid” can be applied to any vehicle with more than one propulsion state. Most hybrid cars can only be driven using a gas engine or electric motor. The simple definition of a hybrid car is that it is a cross between a diesel or petrol car and an electric car. However, they aren’t referred to as electric cars, as they contain a petrol engine.


How Do Hybrid Cars Work?

In general, there are four types of hybrid cars, each of which works a bit differently. We’ll discuss the function of all of them separately. So, keep scrolling!

1. Parallel hybrid cars

The electric motor and petrol engine are coupled in the parallel hybrid, so they work together to give power to the car. Its petrol engine mainly does most of the work & the electric motor gives a boost.

Instead of producing electricity, its petrol engine powers the car. This is what makes it different from the series hybrid. The best part is that this kind of hybrid car is the cheapest and uses less fuel than series hybrids.

2. Series hybrid cars

A series hybrid utilizes an electric motor in order to drive the wheels and the petrol engine powers the generator that continuously charges the battery by producing electricity. The petrol engine does not propel the car forward and gives the energy needed for the motor.

This kind of hybrid can use two power sources simultaneously. This is what makes them super-efficient in go-and-stop city traffic. Its petrol engine kicks in whenever the battery gets low, and the car needs excellent power for a fast speed.

3. Series-parallel hybrid cars

Series-parallel hybrids are mainly a combination of the first two kinds. The car can be driven by electric or petrol.

In addition, the petrol engine charges its battery the same as the series hybrid cars.

In normal city traffic, the petrol engine is the initial power source, along with the electric motor. Which helps to give a boost, for instance, during overtaking.

In slow city traffic, its battery sometimes takes over. Therefore, series-parallel hybrids run only on electric power and at low speeds.

The Two Main Types of Hybrid Cars:

There are two main types of hybrid cars: standard hybrids and plug-in (PHEVs). Standard hybrids utilize regenerative braking and the gas powered motor to charge a battery pack, giving supplemental electric power.

They can’t be charged at an electric vehicle charging station, in contrast to PHEVs. This makes PHEVs more like the electric vehicles. PHEVs for the most part have bigger electric batteries than standard hybrids, with the capacity to drive just on electric power.



Hybrid cars are now widely available in all body styles and types, from saloons to SUVs to city and sports cars. But selecting the right car for you can be a bit tricky as it depends on many important factors, including what type of driving you do most.

Before getting one, it’s absolutely crucial to know what hybrid cars are and how they work. As such, we compiled all the basics you need to know about hybrid vehicles in detail. Now, you can get yours after analyzing which suits your needs best.

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