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Fact or Fiction Towing

Top 3 Interesting Facts and Fictions About Towing Services

What Is Roadside Assistance And How Does It Works For You?

Do you know number of people is unaware about the term “tow trucks” or “towing profession” because of its misconceptions that is being spread like a wave in the market?  In this article, we’ll find out if there are interesting facts and fictions about the towing industry or tow trucks. Additionally, if this profession actually has a negative reputation in the vehicle market.

There’s no doubt that it’s an unpleasant situation when the car breaks down & you need a  professional service to either tow the car or emergency roadside assistance to resolve the issue promptly.

Generally, there’s a ton of misinformation out there being hawked by scam towing companies and blogs alike. However, these myths can shape your thoughts and can convince you to avoid using exceptional services that are extremely useful.

In this blog post, we’ll address some facts and fictions about towing companies—everything you need to know.

Interesting Facts About Towing Services

  • Canada is home to the biggest tow truck worldwide

The biggest tow truck was manufactured in Canada. It incredibly goes for 1 million dollars. Also, it was made by the well-known NRC industries and is owned recently by Mario’s Towing Company. The process of towing can be done efficiently by reaching many lanes from a long distance. It lifts wrecked and disabled vehicles. Towing services offer a number of services, like the removal of vehicles or cars blocking the road.

  • Towing is not a new profession.

Keep in mind that towing is not a new profession. People have been utilizing tow trucks to haul vehicles for over a century. It was started in 1916 when Ernes Holmes, a mechanic, used towing methods to recover the Ford Model that had somehow driven off the road. And it is also true that it took more than 8 hours to get that car on the road again. Eventually, Holmes designed a nice tow truck machine to make hauling or vehicle recovery an easy task.

  • Being a tow truck operator is not a simple job.

Towing is not as simple and straight as you may think, though it probably looks like an easy or fun job when you notice someone driving a huge tow truck with great convenience while carrying hefty loads. A particular driver’s license is needed to operate the truck. There are laws that regular the towing industry, which clearly means that you cannot only drive a tow truck anywhere without industry knowledge or a license.

Biased Myths About Towing Services

  • It costs too much to hire towing experts

The very first myth that everyone believes is that towing is pretty expensive and costs a lot of bucks. Well, that’s not the case! These services aren’t that expensive, especially if you consider the tool they use & the inconvenience they get out of them. This assists you in not over-stressing the charges, as it’s highly affordable. It is preferred by the experts to get people out of trouble and offer them a trouble-free experience.

  • Towing can damage the vehicle.

A lot of people believe that towing cars can damage their cars. However, when you hire a reliable towing company, they have experienced and skilled workers who ensure that your vehicle doesn’t face any kind of damage while getting the process done. Towing companies have skilled staff who are efficiently trained to tow vehicles. Therefore, you need to hire an expert company to get the best possible services.

  • Towing companies provide just towing.

A common myth about towing companies is that they only provide towing services. But in reality, most of them offer a huge variety of other important roadside services, like jump starts, fuel delivery, tire replacement, lockouts, and more! If you are in a predicament where you immediately need assistance, do not be afraid to call out a reliable towing company on the go.

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No false statements about towing services should keep you away from availing reliable towing services while you’re alone in a difficult situation on the road. We are here to help you identify the facts and fictions, and also give you quality information.

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