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Top 3 Reasons Why Your Electric Vehicles Need Roadside Assistance

What Is Roadside Assistance And How Does It Works For You?

Electric vehicles will ultimately take charge over the future of the automotive industry. The rising interest in decreasing carbon emissions and fossil fuels will soon make this happen.

While you’re driving an electric vehicle thinking you can always have a joyous trip without any car issues.

Pump your brakes, because electric vehicles could break down anytime on the edge of the road, just like petrol cars.

What do you do when you really want emergency roadside help in this condition? Try to avoid puzzling yourself over the presumption that a special tow truck is expected to transport the electric vehicle. The reality is the professional towing company will be able to tow your electric vehicle using similar strategies as towing some other car. Yes, you read that right!

Despite all the conveniences, electric vehicles still need emergency roadside assistance or might require a tow truck to carry it to a nearby mechanic shop or dealership. Perhaps, it may require less frequent maintenance, but it does come with potential challenges.

In this blog, we will explore the top 3 reasons why your electric car requires roadside assistance services to get back on the road.

Dead Battery

There is an impressive contrast between the battery of an electric vehicle and that of a burning motor vehicle. Regardless of how technology evolves, vehicle batteries are still fragile, and their performance disappoints you over time.

If you own an early-model electric vehicle, you know how horrendous their batteries are.

However, you want to consistently replace these batteries since they break down and discharge much quicker than the latest electric vehicle batteries.

The most frustrating thing is the point at which your battery dies while you’re out on a smooth ride. For this situation, you require a tow truck to carry your vehicle to the closest EV charging stations.

Note: when an EV runs out of power, it is usually towed to an electric vehicle charging station to be re-charged.

Brake Problems

Just like standard vehicles, electric cars can also have malfunctioning brakes that leave you helpless on the road. Their brakes wear down over time, and will eventually need other rotors and pads.

Moreover, electric cars have unique braking systems that automatically manage their own level of brake degradation. For this reason, several drivers think it’s pretty normal to never maintain its braking system with regular tune-ups.  As a result, it shouldn’t come as a shock, when you end up with a brake failure anytime you are on the way.

If you feel your car’s brake system malfunctioning, instantly contact 24/7 roadside assistance services to avoid any harm’s way.

Note: To avoid any risk of failure, service your brakes regularly. In this process, all moving parts are re-lubricated and cleaned as needed.

Flat Tires

A punctured or flat tire is one of the main reasons why several people need roadside assistance plans. Tire-related issues also badly affect electric vehicles. General wear on the tracks or a little cut-edge object can lead to tire failure in no time.

Electric vehicles are weighty because of the 50% extra weight of the battery, which puts immense pressure on the tires compared to traditional cars. Inspecting tires on alternative days is highly recommended to ensure you are always aware of when they need replacing.

Tires are one component that won’t change with electric vehicles. They are round, black and filled with air or water, which can leak out and leave you stuck on the side of the road calling for emergency roadside assistance.

As per LV Britannia Rescue, just 11% of EV callouts deal with running out of battery. Instead, 37% of callouts for wheels and tire problems are turning into a more significant issue.

Note: Daily maintenance is one of the excellent ways to avoid stressful situations on the road.

Bottom Line:

The next five years, electric vehicles will become famous for new innovations. This might change the primary drivers of vehicle breakdowns. Before that happens, remind yourself and other drivers to take a look at their batteries in the winter, tires consistently, and fuel check before planning a fantastic road trip with your loved ones.

For any urgency, promptly download the app and request the best roadside assistance service in your favorite app stores (App Store and Google Play Store)!

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