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Ebikes Issues

Top 4 Common Issues with Ebikes & How to Solve Them

From plug-in cars to plug-in bikes, are you ready to be a part of Ebikes paradise? For a number of good reasons, electric bikes are gaining immense popularity in the modern era. It is the most premium and easygoing substitute for traditional bikes. It will take you to places without any hurdles or breaking a sweat. However, like any product, there are common issues with e-bikes as well. 

With further improved high technology and a push for greener transportation that is pandemic-friendly, and cherry on top, socially distant, the number of e-bicycles may dominate longer due to several amazing qualities as compared to other e-vehicles. Between 2020 and 2023, a Deloitte study estimates that more than 130 million e-bicycles will be sold around the world. But, none of the electric technology comes with the term “maintenance free.” 

Is your electric bike acting up? There are many common issues with e-bikes. Sometimes, it might require critical repairs, or it may require “Do-It-Yourself” electric bicycle maintenance. In this blog, we’ve made this electric bicycle troubleshooting manual to help you get back in the seat and back on the road. 

Sometimes, on the roadside, your power bike keeps cutting out. Most often, the problem is a loose connection or corrosion. Disconnecting the contacts, cleaning them, and reconnecting them often solve the problem. 

For more in-depth details, try the following techniques listed below.

  • Check Battery Management System: 

It is the foremost thing you need to check when your e-bike stops working on the road and its battery suddenly dies. if this happens, pull off the road to a safe spot near you. 

Next, you should primarily check the battery for damage. Is the battery overheated (It feels super-hot to the touch, or its leaking acid or on fire?)?

Then you must gauge whether it’s a problem to solve now. If it’s been a long time since the battery was last charged or utilized, you’ll need to allow it to sit for around eight hours before starting your bike again.

Moreover, charge the battery in an electric bicycle that still works fine.

There is another thing that you need to consider while charging the battery, make sure that the battery pack is at room temperature. Otherwise, there could be serious repercussions. If you are a pro-rider, you must know that the bike’s battery is of the utmost importance, and should stay within 30% of charge.

However, it’s what powers the bike. Also, the two choices are costly. That is why numerous electric bicycle proprietors like to restore their drained batteries. The most effective way to revive an electric bicycle battery is to charge it in another functional electric bicycle.

  • Check Wiring And Connections:

Check the wiring and connections if your power bike is completely charged and the motor still won’t pick a spark. A loose connection may inhibit the signals between the battery, the controller, and the engine. This is an especially common issue with electric bike kits, as many of the components are individually manufactured and then installed by the user. (Refer to your manual, look for any loose wiring, and reconnect if necessary.)

These wires and connections can mostly get harmed, frayed, or defective after delayed use. You can sometimes find cables that have burnt out or melted, leaving your bicycle needing power or debilitated. 

For a solution, grab a flashlight to inspect any defective wires. Either buy a new replacement wire or splice them back together to give your bike full power to ride again. 

  • Check the Cut Off Switch

One of the most widely recognized issues with e-bicycles is the cut-off switch. This security highlight kicks in when the bicycle arrives at a specific speed. It can sometimes be triggered by things like areas of strength or even going down a slope.

Moreover, if your cut-off switch continues showing red flags, you can do a couple of things. To begin with, adjust the sensitivity of the controller. You might have to supplant the switch if this step doesn’t work.

  • Inspect Pedal Assist:

Every Ebike has its own pedal-assist system. Most of them are built on the bottom bracket, while others are shaped as rings of magnets built into the front sprocket chain ring. If your power bike is pulsing and shows vibration, this could be due to the torque sensor being out of alignment.

 If you have magnet pedal assist, the most highlighted issue in it could be that magnets are knocked out of their place. And are very far away from the sensor to work amazingly. For an immediate solution, reconnect and adjust the sensor to its original place when it’s out of position. For your magnet sensors, you can easily fix them using your hands or a flat-head screwdriver to push the disc near the sensor. If this all sounds tricky to you, you can visit your nearest electric bicycle mechanic to fix it. 

  • Try Calling for Help 

Ebike’s road assist is the safest and most secure option when you are stuck on the roadside. If you cannot take your vehicle home or recharging your bike isn’t helping you in your hour of need. Call your nearest roadside assistance that Is working 24/7. It will immediately take your vehicle to your residence without damaging it even if you are stuck in bad weather conditions like rain or snow. Because the power bikes are not waterproof and can affect the battery or motor. The Ebike roadside assistance services entirely depend on the type of area you are living in.

Bottom line:

Most individuals with an electric bicycle still need to remember that these machines are utilized to upgrade your general insight, not completely robotize it. When you exert much more effort while riding your bicycle, the Wh requirement will be lower, consequently expanding your range.

These electric bicycles have different power modes; some offer an exceptional balance, while there are modes that offer full house power. You can play around with these various modes, see what makes you tick, find the right blend, and see the bicycle’s range expanding. Join your endeavors with the battery; this way, you can enjoy many challenging rides.

As you know, Bikes don’t need fuel to run, but some need top-notch batteries to ride with confidence. 

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