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RoadrRoadside Assistance Redefined.

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Safety In Your Hands


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What Is Roadside Assistance And How Does It Works For You?

What Is Roadside Assistance And How Does It Works For You?

Have you ever wondered how even AAA roadside assistance can’t be your unsung hero? You heard it right!

You can now cope up with your unplanned headaches in no time on the road.

From Roadside prompt support, battery jump start, locksmith service, to towing, refuel, and electric vehicle charging (EV Charging). You name it, and we are available 24/7 at your convenience to get you back safely on the road.

A sudden car breakdown can be nerve-wracking and, certainly, startling to be abandoned on the edge of a road! It is imperative to have a backup plan to keep yourself and others swiftly out of harm’s way.

According to market research, the worldwide vehicle roadside assistance market size was esteemed at USD 22.36 Bn in 2021 and is projected to reach over US$ 33.48 Bn by 2030, ready to develop at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.6% between 2022–2030.
In this blog, you will read in-depth details about what RSA offers you on the wayside.

What is Roadside Assistance?

Roadside Assistance, RSA, is the instant support roadside assistance companies give on the spot, at any location your vehicle breaks down. The help will be accessible anytime, anywhere, which is usually one communication away via phone call.
Circumstances can be more dreadful, even with AAA assistance, other auto clubs and insurance companies. With perfect solutions like Roadr filling-in the gaps, everything can be taken care of without a hitch.

What does it do?

Roadside assistance refers to the professional services licensed specialists provide on broken-down vehicles on the roadside. As we all know, things can often go wrong with our vehicles; turning your fun-filled road trips into a bumpy rides.
Whether it is a punctured tire or a drained battery, and you are left with an immobile vehicle, you may need to fix the issue yourself, call emergency roadside help to restore it; or, worst, request an automobile towing service.

What are the Types of Services?

The following are some common types of roadside assistance services you can request when your vehicle breaks-down.

Tire Change:

In the US, there are 220 million blown-out tires each year. A damaged tire represents a danger to many drivers out and about, so you’ll need to fix them rapidly. A company providing 24-hour towing roadside assistance will send a specialist to change your flat tire to a spare.
This is where a repairer comes to change your deflated tire. They will replace the flat from the car with another one that can be driven on (spare or new one).
Cherry on top, this fantastic service includes tire replacement. You should keep an extra tire in your car to make the process smooth. Spare tires are typically held in the trunk, and on the back or underneath specific vehicles.

Gas Delivery:

Do you, at any point, neglect to get gas? We all know refuelling our cars is a day-to-day occurrence. But if you ran out of gas, this service allows you to request up to 2 gallons of fuel to refuel your tank.

Lock-out service:

Have you forgotten your keys inside the car? Be at ease! Because no broken windows are necessary now. This service will help you unlock your vehicle swiftly. It is only one ring away, excluding the keys cost and any additional labor charges.

Battery Issue:

Batteries sometimes die quickly and need to be recharged. With battery services, you can get your vehicle bounced. However, this service excludes battery replacement, in the dreadful and unlikely situation yours won’t charge.
Most roadside assistance services assist with drained batteries by jump-starting your battery.

Towing Service:

Are you stuck in frustrating condition where your vehicle can’t be fixed on the spot and must be moved to an auto shop? This roadside assistance service completely takes care of the towing for you to lessen your burden on the roadside.

Bottom Line:

Undoubtedly, roadside assistance is not a luxury anymore; it’s a need to keep you and, often times, passengers and motorists safe.

Best part, unlike progressive roadside assistance, Allstate, AAA, along with similar service providers, you don’t need to have roadside assistance coverage to request these services from us.

With Roadr’s hassle-free on-demand roadside assistance services, we got you covered for all usual roadside crises to make your road-trip safe and smooth. For more information, check our how it works page.

In the near future, whenever you are planning to hit the road, ease your mind knowing you are always in safe hands.

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