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Safety In Your Hands


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Roadside Assistance Industry in the Next 5 Years

Are you stuck somewhere on the wayside? Is your car suddenly starts acting like a spoiled brat? That means you are in need of roadside assistance. We can surely understand. Things get really unpredictable on the road.

The terms roadside assistance and towing services are commonly used conversely by the number of people. This is on the grounds that the main objective of both of these services is to help you when your vehicle is caught in a tough spot.

Either the tire is punctured or torn, your vehicle is badly stuck in the mud, the valve is leaking, the tire doesn’t seal against the wheel rim, etc.

In this situation, roadside assistance services are the knight in shining armour.

The breakdown not only puts a pause on your peaceful trip. But also poses trouble in getting help on a highway or an isolated road with diminutive access to the city. Here’s when incredible 24/7 Roadr services come to the rescue.

Therefore, a road service cover can make you feel secure about your car. According to a report, the number of incidents that required aaa road service assistance in Spain stood at 3993.99 thousand in 2019.

Despite all this, the roadside and towing industry still have to face many future challenges and aspects of this.

Keep your grip on your devices because we are just discussing future complications. Keep scrolling!

Fewer Employees:

According to market research, employee salaries and benefits account for nearly 40% of a service provider’s cost structure. Even minimal wage fluctuations can dramatically impact a business’s profitability.

The roadside industry still needs to be able to attract enough service providers/staff like drivers or mechanics into the sector for the capacity to keep pace with demand.

66% of service providers surveyed by one of the Roadside assistance companies believe they receive significantly fewer tow truck driver applications than they did 5 years ago. The American auto association estimated a shortage of about 50,000 drivers in 2017, which is projected as an alarming sign.


Since 2016, fuel prices have up-surged in the United States excessively. These increases aggravate service providers’ impact because fuel accounts for approximately 15% of their costs. Diesel prices have increased at an average rate of 20.7% per year over the past 3 years.

So, if you include roadside towing services, without a shred of doubt, fuel plays a vital role!

Commercial Insurance:

The astronomical increases in insurance premiums have put these hikes at the forefront of many industry conversations. The insurance market for Roadside assistance is so challenging that the present need for tow trucks has been hit extremely hard and swiftly.

To make it finer, there would be 20 percent or 30 percent increases in tough times. Perhaps! We are catching sight of 100 percent to 150 percent inflation on accounts with no claims.


Service providers fixing damaged and disabled vehicles on the side of the road put their lives in danger to assist stuck travelers. According to the International Towing and Recovery Museum, approximately 60 tow truck operators die every year from being struck outside their vehicle on the side of the road.

Therefore, there is a security risk for the service providers too.

Cost Impact:

Over the past 3 years, roadside service providers have experienced a rise in demand for their services. Increased operational costs—such as labor, insurance, and fuel—are putting many towing operations at risk of failure and threatening the industry with a significant supply and demand imbalance that would exacerbate the challenge of maintaining customer satisfaction.

Bottom Line:

A minor mechanical issue can destroy a well-organized get-away exciting trip. Chances of having roadside issues are comparatively low if you take significant consideration of your auto-vehicle and keep an eye on regular maintenance.

Roadside assistance is a significant help for customers and the more extensive automotive industry. Service providers are straightforwardly at the forefront in conveying this help, and the better we acknowledge it and help address current difficulties and financial matters, the better option we’ll have to keep the towing business sound and way roads safe.

Recent statistics show that 1 in 3 drivers in America experiences a vehicle breakdown every year. Besides the stress, anxiety, and trouble it causes individual drivers, it also costs the economy nearly 41 billion dollars annually!

Roadside assistance services are a blessing in disguise in this chaotic world of humans, despite having several challenges to go through in the future. We should especially heed the above-discussed concerns to keep an outstanding balance between people and technology.

With Roadr, you can rest easy knowing that you are completely covered in any emergency case!

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