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Why does Roadside Assistance Take So Long?

What Is Roadside Assistance And How Does It Works For You?

Still waiting for roadside assistance to show up? This one is for all who want to know why it takes so long.

The most anxious and worrisome moment is when you are stuck in the middle of the road or anywhere helplessly. And your automobile towing service is not coming to get you. Also, at midnight, when you are taking a turn and clip the curb, BANG! The front right tire bit the dust and went flat.

We understand how frustrating it is for you to wait for AAA roadside assistance!

If you’ve ever called roadside assistance, you probably know that it can often take too long for help to arrive. Therefore, if the company takes less time to arrive, there would be fewer undesirable consequences.

But have you ever wondered why it takes so long for them to arrive?

In this blog, we will discuss the reasons for hold-up roadside assistance. Here are a few reasons why roadside assistance can take a while. Stay connected to know more!

Labor Shortage:

AAA and industry sources say there is a delay for roadside help due to a shortage of tow truck drivers. Numerous workers stopped their jobs during the “Great Resignation” because of little wages, low-paid advantages, and unacceptable working circumstances.

Before the pandemic, the usual rescue time was between 20-30 minutes with fully staffed companies.

Most small towing companies left the industry during the pandemic. Because it’s difficult to recruit an adequate number of drivers: even for AAA, despite the increased demand for tows. Mostly, tow truck drivers are working overtime. As a result, you must wait longer for a prompt response to get your car fixed rapidly.

Travel Time to Your Location:

As we know, tow trucks aren’t just sitting idly in a yard waiting for customers to call them in an hour of need. Depending on the type of area you’re in, they might have to navigate traffic from the opposite side of the city to your location because they just finished helping someone else.

Moreover, many tow drivers perform more than just towing assistance services to their customers. If you’re in a more rural area, drivers could be doing other jobs at the shop or possibly are at home when you call (depending on the time of day).

They also provide lockout assistance, deliver gas when people run out, jump-start dead batteries, and sometimes get a chance to sit down for a hot meal only to be called immediately as the food arrives.

Traffic Issue:

Traffic issues are a serious threat to the tow truck drivers. Also, traffic congestion has been expanding in large parts of the world (developed or not), and everything indicates that it would keep getting worst.

On the other hand, tow truck drivers are obliged to drive slowly and require significant space to move in traffic. As a result of the extra weight, it requires more time to adjust its speed.

In situations where they need to maximize car speed to reach the spot urgently for you, there is no way a driver can avoid a horrible accident. So it’s always, Slow for the tow!

Incorrect Map Location:

This has been an issue in the past when people had GPS for the first time on their telephones. Have you ever noticed when you request food delivery, most people can’t easily tell you the right directions to their area.

Some need to have an exact idea of where they are standing relative to the map, and, even when sharing their exact location, they must avoid sharing vague descriptions of their exact location to not confuse driver.

Wrong directions consume a lot of time!

Often, people say they are waiting on the roadside but forget to explain their whereabouts precisely: whether it’s east, west, north, or south side. This makes the tow driver sit idly or drive aimlessly, searching for them.

Bad Weather:

Bad weather not only affects the standard driver, but it can also be a nightmare for tow truck operators to reach you on time.

A heavy cloud burst makes the roads extremely hard to drive.

Same goes for thick snow, which also lessens visibility. Furthermore, there is nothing worse than driving your car to immobility: be it snow banks, puddles, etc. It is very tough for the driver to have a smooth ride while the car skids on the road. Bad weather is a severe pain point to these drivers.

Bottom Line:

AAA Roadside assistance specialists (or specialist, in general) must evaluate the situation and figure out the best way to help you. It is better to keep essential tools with you: spare keys, a shovel or any other digging tool to dig up the snow to clear the pathway, etc.

Since two trucks would have to respond to one call, there are usually less available for subsequent calls. Essentially, two people doing one person’s job.

We are making things super convenient for you. Be patient. Help is on the way!

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