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Professional Team

Full-Stack DevOps Developer

Jorge Alarcon

Jorge Alarcon has worked as a Civil Engineer in Peru and Brazil. Since 2018, he has gradually acquired and developed skills in the field of technology. With a strong foundation in Web Development, he has worked as a freelancer, designing, developing, and deploying web application tools called EPIC-Labs and RPG-Labs, which systematizes the processes of a Civil Engineering lab. He used Linux as his primary tool, along with Django, HTMX or Vue, SQL, Docker, CI/CD with GitHub, and AWS (EC2, S3, RDB) or Linode. Jorge was an international speaker for his university, demonstrating how to incorporate web development tools into the civil engineering industry. He also completed a Data Science bootcamp and is currently a member of Roard’s Data Engineering team. In this role, he designs viable and scalable data flow architectures with Airflow, orchestrating various cloud services on the AWS or Linode platform. His goal is to develop an OLAP system that can generate insights using data visualization tools like PowerBI or Dash. In order to become a professional DevOps, he is now pursuing AWS Solutions Architect certification.